Tryangle Blue



These high top sneakers with black fur are a totally renewed version of TRYANGLE model. The new Blue has the same design, but comes with innovative materials and details on the laces. The black tone of mystery wide, was created some blue notes that give more emphasis to this model. These sneakers are a sign of respect for the infinite. The creativity of Relyquia has no limits.


RELYQUIA as a brand represents top of the range in quality, craftsmanship, pursuit of product excellence and creativity. These elements have, even in an environment of unending stylistic changes, improved this craft to a true Art form. The investment on innovation and continuous improvement, are expressed on our projects and product differentiation. The use of the most genuine and unique leathers has enabled us to obtain an end product that is a “true piece of Art". By combining the best design with the finest execution, we produce the finest luxury shoes and accessories in the world. 
We will never forget our legacy, the most iconic and simple things will be respected as classic, but portrayed as new, reinvented and remembered.

Made in Europe

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