Crafted from a single piece of smooth, soft, unblemished leather, ROYAL is a wholecut Oxford shoe made in Goodyear System.Completely made by hand at the company's factory in Portugal, they're a true investment purchase that looked after properly, will last for years and become an heirloom to cherish. This shoes exude elegant refinement. Each pair come in deep, classic brown and has been hand polished for added gloss and lustre. It has also a pattern design engraved directly on the leather. A Goodyear shoe to wear with the suits that you have on your closet. Applied in many styles, it can really delight you on what fashion and comfort is about. There are great advantages on having a Goodyear Shoe. First, knowing the construction system you understand how easily is to replace and repair an outsole. If the upper remains good it’s easy to sew new outsoles on the existing welts. That surely increases the shoe lifespan for more time.Who wears a real Goodyear Welted Shoe, knows the clearly difference between them and rest – the others just turn to be the others.We use cork to fill the cavity between the inner and outer sole. As a flexible compound it quickly takes shape of your feet, turning the shoe much more comfortable and protect the feet from uneven surfaces. The cork plays also a big role providing thermal insulation against cold and heat.We believe that the “Welted Goodyear System” is the construction system that requires the maximum design involvement of all the methods available, but also the one that highly adapts to almost every style of shoe and the one which enables to quickly respond to trends in both classic and street fashions.


RELYQUIA as a brand represents top of the range in quality, craftsmanship, pursuit of product excellence and creativity. These elements have, even in an environment of unending stylistic changes, improved this craft to a true Art form. The investment on innovation and continuous improvement, are expressed on our projects and product differentiation. The use of the most genuine and unique leathers has enabled us to obtain an end product that is a “true piece of Art". By combining the best design with the finest execution, we produce the finest luxury shoes and accessories in the world. 

We will never forget our legacy, the most iconic and simple things will be respected as classic, but portrayed as new, reinvented and remembered.

Made in Europe

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