The enviroment where we raise Relyquia has transformed it into a unique and different brand. RELYQUIA was born inside a shoe production unit, recognized by its talent, skills and experience aquired not only throughout its history but also by the life experience of its employees.

Leaded by a generation that have been growing very closed to this industry. With a traditional and experienced legacy, has overcome many challenges and adversities. It emerged to promote solutions in high range market and has being reinforcing it's position, daily. The company is specialized in the full development of many kinds of woman and man shoes, relying on great experience and savoir-faire proven over all these years.

Relyquia came from a dream of the founder to create a different fashion brand and raise the name of the Portuguese footwear worldwide, offering a top quality product, completely customized and adapted to the preferences of each customer.

RELYQUIA as a brand represents top of the range quality, craftsmanship, pursuit of product excellence and creativity. These elements have, even in an environment of unending stylistic changes, improved this craft to a true Art form. The investment on innovation and continuous improvement are expressed on our projects and product differentiation. The use of the most genuine and unique leathers has enabled us to obtain a product that is a “true piece of Art". By combining the best design with the finest execution, we produce the finest luxury shoes and accessories in the world. Best product design is achieved by having a design team that strives to create a product that is luxurious and very functional, comfortable and reliable at the same time. Finest Execution is assured by the use of carefully selected leathers and the use of a natural tanning process that complies with the best standards. All the materials used to manufacture our products are handled with the utmost care in order to preserve their natural features and quality over time.

We work with the “Goodyear System” and other production systems with similar excellence. But we believe this system is the one which allows the utmost comfort and requires maximum design involvement.

The brand name was assigned by its founder and comes from the Latin word “reliquiae” (relic) which means “an object that is preserved for purposes of veneration”. For centuries, the word has been associated to history and religion and now we want to connect its meaning to a “rare object that conquers your heart and must be protected”.

The brand concept is based on the following values:



About 90 % for our raw materials are entirely natural. Nature and all the surroundings are the source of all of our inspiration.




Relyquia is a fine piece of art that is cherished for its uniqueness. You want to keep Relyquia amongst your most treasured possessions. There will always be a special place in your heart, where you keep your treasures. The most desired pieces, that photo from a decade ago, the most wanted word, your first kiss... That shoe you have and you will wear forever because it’s beautiful, comfortable and looks exactly like when you bought it. That’s a Relyquia!




What defines Relyquia´ Soul is our attention for every little detail, derived from many years of experience in the shoe industry. Our passion is printed on all the items we sell and for us, this is the only way to provide you the most exclusive service



The Relyquia Blog is the most important communication project as a brand. Through it the brand share numerous renowned artists and also new upcoming artists. You will always find something new, inspiring and interesting, which is our main goal! There, you will learn about our collection, music, art, fashion, curiosities, contests, and much more. Relyquia also created a friend's page to share links of it's partners. Feel free to send contents related to all the themes above. Just send an email to communication@relyquia.com.


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