The term Bespoke is associated to others such as "custom-made", "made to order", "made to measure" and "hand-made". Originally from the “speak for something” expression this kind of service is normally offered by experienced craftsmen who devote their day, satisfying special customers. Never forgotten, the straight connection with Fashion, the Bespoke Service importance has became greater given the increasing concern of having individual and customized objects. Not far from tradition and legacy, as a brand, Relyquia always identified itself with this product value.

Developing a customized piece specifically for a person is a ritual of creation and provides a very intense experience by the way it absorbs the creator who magnifies all the passion that he feels for his art. It is a true test of trust between the brand and the customer due to emotions and expectations envolved. 

Beyond the priceless value that is the comfort of a shoe fitting your foot, you have the possibility of designing something different and unique - just for you. Given the service, Relyquia assures an extensive set of customizable details and offer exceptional range of leathers, colors and other options that the customer can select and change.

Made to Measure

We study to each customer, the development of one pair shoe lasts made to measure in your feet. This way, we will be able to give you an extremely exclusive model, entirely customized.

Leather Variety

With only some models, it's large the variety of choices that can be adopted through the numerous styles obtained from the leather. Our catalogs only reveal a part of the big universe of styles, colours and effects offered by our suppliers. To more bold styles, we have also a wide range of exotic leathers.

Detail eccentricity

The details on shoes, have always been a factor of differentiation. That's why, we transform our offer on something more personal, giving it more importance. You can have one or more pieces inlaid or plated in precious materials like gold, silver, diamond or platinum. We can also develop a special piece with your name, among others.


As an essential element in a shoe creation, the outsole gathers some features that will determinate its appearance. This way, given the leather attributes, each shoe, has a clear propose. Relyquia offers you several choices or we can also provide you an engraved message or image by request, at your choice.